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Projects tailored to meet the customer - from plastics welding to special purpose machines
Ultrasonic welding machines, Spin welding machines, Special purpose machines, Poka Yoke, machine vision, small series of ultrasonic welding of plastic parts



your thermoplastic joining specialist.

Some history...

Founded in 1969 by Jean-Pierre Scotto initially as a company to manufacture ultrasonic welders, Mecasonic quickly established itself as a leader in its field.

In 1981 it was acquired by Forward Technology Industries PLC, a London-based company. Its takeover in 2000 marked its entry into Crest Ultrasonics, a US-based international group.

Since then, Mecasonic has continued to diversify and grow. It is this innovative spirit that has enabled us to branch out into other welding technologies in order to best meet your needs:


Known for its machines, tools and customer service, Mecasonic has always been synonymous with quality, robustness, efficiency and innovation.

Mecasonic is one of the technology hubs of the US-based Crest Ultrasonics Group, which is present on every continent.

Today, our network of distributors, representatives and subsidiaries spans more than 22 countries. This coverage enables us to deliver our products to customers around the world and provide them with local service.

Our international growth has also enabled us to expand our operations to a wide range of industries, including foods, automobiles, cosmetics, household appliances, electronics, recreational products, medical devices, metals, packaging, fabrics, and many more.

Obchodné a servisné zastúpenie spoločnosti
Commercial and service representative of company
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Rotacne zvaranie plastov
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